Are You A Content Creator Or Expert?

I'll Turn Your Expertise Into A Cash-Printing, Impact-Driven Educational Platform In 60 Days Using 'The eLearning Protocol '

Without Having Hundreds Of Thousands Of Followers, Being A Sell-Out, Or Being Super Interesting.

Are You A Content Creator Or Expert?

I'll Turn Your Expertise Into A Cash-Printing, Impact-Driven Educational Platform In 60 Days Using 'The eLearning Protocol '

Without Having Hundreds Of Thousands Of Followers, Being A Sell-Out, Or Being Super Interesting.

Scale Your Impact. Scale Your Income.

If you’re a content creator or expert (in any industry) and you’re NOT collecting a minimum of 6-figures online…

Then I’m sorry to say that you may be stuck on the content creation "hamster wheel."

You have all these “gurus” shoving content creation down your throat on a daily basis...

But they rarely tell you how to actually make a full-time income from it.

The result?

An overwhelming swarm of content creators who are attention-rich, but underpaid.

The key to monetizing your knowledge or content is by creating your own educational platform.

I know because I've done it myself.

Your educational platform might look like a paid community, coaching program, consulting offer, a course, or a combination.

And I'll build it for you.

You already understand the power of content creation…

But you haven’t REALLY experienced the benefits that others claim to enjoy from theirs.

The reality is…content creation isn’t enough in 2024.

But building an impact-drive online education platform on the other hand…

Will bring you an overwhelming tsunami of money, customers, opportunities, and autonomy.

Content creation just becomes another job you have to maintain.

But an educational platform built on a foundation of your expertise and systems will turn your content into a self-sustaining machine that affords you true freedom and helps a whole lot of people.

Until I built my educational platform, helping people one on one via Instagram DMs was the best I could do.

It was nice, but the process was as haphazard & stressful as Joe Biden climbing a flight of stairs.

Without the proper platform systems, it required an immense amount of time & energy every single day just to help a few people.

A well-designed educational platform, in contrast, is all about ease, autonomy, and scale.

The eLearning Protocol Process

You create the educational material.

I do everything else.


  • Are you a creator with an engaged audience who wants to turn your followers into a cult-like frenzy of eager customers?

  • Are you an expert who would like to see your audience throw ‘cash-grenades’ at you on a daily basis?

  • Are you social media famous, but lack the business know-how to financially capitalize?

  • Do you have any kind of online following that you’d like to monetize without compromising your values?

  • Do you have a strong personal brand that hasn’t afforded you a 6-figure income and autonomy in life?

  • Do you want a customized roadmap to hit 6-figures in revenue and automate your online income?

  • Do you want more money and impact and do you have a pulse at this very moment?

If you answered yes to any of those questions…

Then using the 'eLearning Protocol ' to turn your knowledge into a renowned educational platform is THE SOLUTION.

This isn't just theory.

Since building my own educational platform, I've been able to...

  • Guest lecture at my old university - You read that right. Just a few months after dropping out, one of my professors gave me the opportunity (multiple times) to come teach classes on integrating blockchain technology into businesses.

  • Book hundreds of 1:1 consultations - Hundreds of eager followers booked me for virtual consultations.

  • Build a 6-figure personal brand with under 10k followers by using the Offer Branching Framework to boost customer LTV without working harder.

  • Sell someone else's company - A buddy was having a hard time getting his software acquired. I leveraged my authority to get his ideal investor to acquire it.

  • Publish a book that sold nearly 3,000 copies across 12 countries, received 100+ 5 star reviews, and even got the attention of a Vietnamese book publisher who paid me for the Vietnamese publishing rights.

  • Sign a consulting contract with a millionaire to enhance his online presence and behind-the-scenes operations.

  • Receive a personal invite to Iddris Sandu’s tech product launch by using the Value Bomb Strategy - If you don’t know Iddris, he’s the guy that helped build Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon clothing store, collaborates with Kanye West, and is an all around genius and futurist.

More important than all that…

I built a life of autonomy and freedom.

The ability to work wherever and whenever I want (although for transparency I have a slight addiction to work so I end up working more than I need to) has given me the freedom to move anywhere with a Wifi connection.

In just the last few years I've lived in San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Boca Raton and soon I’ll be in southern Arizona.

What Other People Say About Me

Sure, all this sounds great for me, but it means nothing to you if I’m no good at teaching others how to implement systems and frameworks in their own lives and businesses.

Lucky for you, that happens to be my greatest strength.


Right about now, you might be thinking that

Your content...

Your audience...

Your area of expertise...

Are so different that a system like the eLearning Protocol would never work.

Wanna bet?

I will.



Lucky for you, I’m so confident this protocol will work for you...

That if you haven’t made back your investment within 60 days of launching your educational platform... I’ll refund your initial investment in full.

Who said arrogance is a weakness?

Obviously, if you join the program and you

- Miss our calls frequently

- Don’t finish the course material or tasks

- Don’t implement the strategies and plans we’ve built together...

You won’t be eligible for the guarantee.

You have to show up and follow through every step (I’ll be guiding you) and if that still doesn’t work…

Then I’ll keep working with you for free until you’ve made your initial investment in this program back or you can choose to take your money back and give me the finger.

Either way, you win and you have no risk.

I’ll take it one step further.

If you take me up on the refund at the end of the program, I’ll let you keep all the framework training documents + our call replays as an apology for wasting your time.

Fair enough?

(not really since I’m taking the short end of the stick with this guarantee, but that’s what arrogance will do to a man 🤷)

What's Next?

Alright, like I mentioned earlier, this isn’t for everyone.

You need to actually have at some knowledge, experience, or expertise that other people want to learn more about.

(Also great if you have some sort of online audience).

Also, I can’t take everyone who applies to Brand Supremacy.

This isn’t some ‘made up’ scarcity tactic to get you to take action.

Because I’ll be working with you one on one, I literally can’t take everyone who applies.

Each month, I have just a few spots open up to ensure that I can spend enough time on your business with you.

What you need to do next is book a Clarity Call on my calendar.

On that call, we’ll make sure that we are a good fit for each other and outline a strategy to move forward.

After that, we’ll get your first call booked and begin Phase One!

Thanks for taking the time to read this whole page!

I look forward to speaking to you soon & helping you build your income, impact, and authority.


Look at you.

Quite the overachiever to make it all the way down to the P.S. section.

In case you were skipping around up there, here’s the TLDR:

I’m inviting you book a Clarity Call with me to see if you’re ready to use my EXACT systems and strategies for turning your knowledge into an impact-driven educational platform that pumps at least 6-figures into your pockets on a regular basis.

The real kicker?

If the program doesn’t pay for itself within 60 days of launching your platform, I’ll refund you or work with you until it does.

Double P.S.

Okay it’s getting kind of weird that you’re still reading this…

Seriously, book your Clarity Call above while there’s still an available seat.

You know how it works.

You know what you’ll get.

You know the transformation you’ll experience.

What are you waiting for?

Hit the button below and I’ll talk to you soon.

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